Embroidered Collection by MatiJewels.com®

Hand-made, hand embroidered artisan bracelets from Greece.

The Odysseus Collection from MatiJewels.com

Odysseus had to fight for his journey back home, to his beloved Penelope and his kingdom of Ithaca. Join MatiJewels on the journey home - to Ithaca, to Ellada.

Inspired by the sun and the stars.

This rare Greek design with send you back to the third millennium.

Visit a World of Devotion


A quasi-universal symbol of protection, the Evil Eye is referred to as μάτι (mati) in Greek. Findings of the Evil Eye in craft and architecture date back to the 6th century BC. The reinterpretation of strong, cross-cultural symbols has always been a source of inspiration for MatiJewels.com brand who has experienced first-hand that “Symbols have a broad, universal appeal that crosses cultural divides”. Our work features a range of mystical and figurative symbols, many pointing back to her roots in Greek mythology. 

Ancient Greek language colored the world.

Hand crafted in Greece to bring these ancient letters to life in 24 Karat gold.

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