About Us

Ti Kanis (hello),

My name is Melissa Martakis. One August day, a few years ago, a friend of mine brought me home a bracelet while visiting the island of Crete. I cherished the bracelet and wore it everyday until I literally wore it out. After some small repairs, I became interested in designing and making my own line. My pieces were a hit! Everyone loved my jewelry so much that I decided to make more and Mati Jewels was born. 

I started making the jewelry at home in New Jersey and am now exclusively designing, selling and distributing all over the world. Since then, I have embraced other designers with the same passion and have coordinated them in my new Devotion line. I have and will continue to commit to producing jewelry of superior quality by using the finest and most durable materials available and by commissioning the finest jewelry makers. Never satisfied with the status quo, I am constantly adding new colors and styles. So please, check back often for new items.

Efkaristo Poli! (many thanks) 


So... What does Mati mean? In Greece, the term for an amulet which protects against the evil eye is “MATI,“ the Greek word for eye. The evil eye is the name for a sickness transmitted – usually without intention – by someone who is envious, referring to the belief that a person can harm you, your family, or your possessions by looking at them with envy and praising them. Throughout the Mediterranean and in areas far and wide, the effects of the eye are not only believed but genuinely feared. It is also believed that when an eye charm breaks, its' protection has worked against evil.